At South Shore Design, we are NYC Social Media Experts that keeps our client's social media messaging aligned with their branding strategy, website and other marketing campaigns. Our services are intent on providing clients with a robust Manhattan NYC Social Media presence by:

  1. Establishing a brand conversation among Social Media Platforms via establishing and maintaining customer relationships
  2. Monitoring, discovering, escalating and acting on customer feedback
  3. Identifying real-time social media content opportunities and executions
  4. Ensuring all Social Media communications are on-brand, style, quality, and tone

Social Media Impact

nyc social media expertsEvery company should be using social media to its optimal capabilities. The impact and reach of an effective social media campaign can provide endless rewards for your company, its products and its website. At this Manhattan NYC Social Media Agency we specialize in creating efficient and effective social media strategies for each of our existing and potential clients by considering the following:

  1. What social media platforms are best for your company / brand / products?
  2. What is the optimal strategy for content use across each platform?
  3. How have existing / past social media campaigns have performed?
  4. Will low cost Social Media paid advertising boost potential reach over paid search?

We can’t list of all of things we consider but the points above are the major concepts we consider for every client.

Social Media Strategy

With almost everyone on social media today in some, way, shape or form managing the quality and consistency of the look, feel and posts on your platforms may be difficult to maintain.

  • Completely outsourcing your social media is very rare unless your service provider in physically close to your company, services and/or products.
  • Partially outsourcing may cause the aforementioned quality and consistency issues
  • Internalization - not a bad option but we advise that marketing staff responsible for this area be cognizant of the ever changing value that each social media platform offers.

Don't Overdo It

Unless a social media platform completely allows for your company, products or services to be marketed with complete information, you may just be bogging yourself down with unnecessary work.  If you are not seeing referrals from your social media websites to your company website you can either:

  1. Ensure they have the appropriate company information (physical address if brick and mortar, name, phone, email, operating hours)
  2. Review your posts to see if they are in line with the suggested amount of text, image dimensions and other qualities suggested by the respective social media platforms
  3. Suspend usage of a given platform if it is unrelated to your business

Progressive Approach

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are constantly changing, with new services being added to improve both user and owner experience at a rapid rate. At South Shore Design, we implement state of the art techniques to enhance the user experience which can result in conversion of site visitors to leads and thus potential sales. In addition, we are keenly focused on being first to market in the use of social media techniques in order to increase reach / following and market products.

Proven Results

For every existing client whose social media platforms we manage, we have shown significant organic gains in followers, referrals to their respective websites, and lead generation.