South Shore Design is a NYC Enterprise SEO Agency that offers our services to major corporations across all major industries and markets. We are a top ranked NYC Enterprise SEO Agency because we have proven Page 1 / Top 3 Google & Bing / Yahoo search results across multiple search terms for every single one of our clients, regardless of location. We specialize in creating Web SiteSocial Media, and Brand / Product / Service awareness for non-existing websites and enhancing existing companies internet, search engine optimization and social media presence.

Search Engine Optimization. The term that everyone who is in the Internet Industry, anyone who owns a website, sells a product knows... and so on and so forth. At South Shore Design, we are a NYC Enterprise SEO Agency that likes to get straight to the point because we understand the importance of time and seizing opportunities for our clients.

manhattan enterprise seo agency

SEO Scoring Approach

manhattan nyc seo agencyAt South Shore Design, we have an approach that scores our existing and potential customers website on any desired frequency.  The approach differs whether you have an 1) existing website that needs updating or 2) a new website to represent your brand, products and vision:

  1. Existing Websites are scored against internal expectations and benchmarks, against existing competition, and historical website performance and social media output.
  2. New Websites are scored against all the above, but also scored against the ability to bring that new product to the market successfully against your competition.

Once the issues impacting your search ranking are identified, we go about closing the gap between you and your competition.

manhattan enterprise seo agency
manhattan enterprise seo agency

Know Your Competition

One of the key components of NYC Enterprise SEO is knowing your competition. We specialize in doing exactly that - understanding your competition and their overall internet presence and how to rise above them in search.

Real-Time Site Reporting

We provide all of our clients with a robust suite of reporting capabilities so that they can monitor their website activity real-time. We also a complete suite of summary & detailed executive reports to clients upon request. South Shore Design can will provide you with complete control over your company's internet presence.

manhattan enterprise seo agency

SEO & Web Site Maintenance

We feel our maintenance plan ensures that Your Web Site stays current and competitive when compared to our competition:

  1. Up and Running with Minimal Interruptions
  2. Uses State of the Art Web Design Techniques
  3. Implements Proprietary Technologies to enhance your Google / Bing / Yahoo results
  4. Secure for both Your Company and Your Customers

At South Shore Design we review every client website and social media media accounts vigorously. That's what it takes to ensure that your website is up to date and ready for changes in Google and other search engine algorithms and search engine ranking methods. NYC search engine optimization is heavily impacted by Web Site maintenance. We will work with you to create a customized monthly | hourly | task based maintenance plan that is based on your company's web site size, complexity and activity, with affordability just as important.

manhattan enterprise seo agency

Professional & Industry related experience

We are successful producing results for our clients because in almost all cases we have some basis of experience in our clients business. Our staff has had exposure to the Financial Services, Consumer Business & Services, Healthcare, Technology and Communications Industries on International, National, Regional and Local levels.  The staff at this NYC Enterprise SEO Agency has over 40+ years of demonstrable and documented work experience in the following areas:

Website Design / Graphic Design | Social Media Development | Search Engine Optimization | ECommerce Development | Technology Risk Management | Security Risk Management | Reputational Risk Management | Operational Risk Management

Why South Shore Design?

It's an area of the industry that sometimes gets a bad reputation due to SEO Professionals promising results that can't be delivered. We are trying to change that perception by providing our clients tangible and consistent business results. We do that by providing Basic / Advanced / Local / Regional and National SEO services along with our Proprietary NYC Enterprise SEO Agency techniques.

If you feel your existing NYC Enterprise SEO Agency doesn't give you the intern presence you need by:

- Getting the visitors and click activity it should be
- Found in Google | Bing | Yahoo search rankings to your liking
- Consistently represented in Google | Bing | Yahoo rankings over time

Give us a call at (212) 381-6198 for a free consultation on your site's existing Search Engine Optimization results.

It's what we do at ourAgency and we like to think we do it well. Our results indicate we are among (if not) the best. Your company, its products /services and its internet presence deserve nothing less.