Hiring outside agencies to perform your SEO is can be expensive, hiring our NYC Corporate SEO Training Experts can be the first start to internalizing your SEO costs by training your staff. We have a detailed course that will take your employees through every key SEO topic that we use ourselves to keep our clients ranking at the top of search engines.

Google & Bing SEO Training

The course content covers both full Google and Bing search integration, training on the full suite of Google and Bing Products and Services, and also creating SEM / PPC campaigns to push products and services. How to maximize your Google and Bing location(s) are also key training concepts.

We also discuss the approach to performing a competitive analysis of the internet presence of your competition and how to look for ways to gain specific industry market share of the potential clicks and customers available for your website.

nyc corporate seo training

Web Design & Social Media Training

The important concepts of how web design impacts SEO and how social media can be used to maximize SEO is also discussed. Maximizing use of existing and emerging search technologies is also covered - how to find, implement and use them to keep your site ranking highly and your customers impressed with their experience.


nyc corporate seo training

SEO Reporting

Last but not least we teach the importance of MI and management information - how to get to the data you need to report on website and social activity to all levels of management. Key website security topics are covered here that will help you understand the current state of security when it comes comes to internet technologies.

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nyc corporate seo training

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