South Shore Design is Manhattan Web Design Agency whose customers web sites are responsive web design designed to perform optimally across all Mobile, Tablet and PC platforms. These are lead generating websites that use progressive and proprietary technologies, that are ‘plugged’ into Google and Bing/Yahoo, and are designed to provide the maximum user experience so that visitors convert into customers.

In today’s market, your business and the website that represents your brand is critical to your success. If your Manhattan Web Design Agency has molded your internet presence appropriately it should be the central marketing piece of your business. From capturing your existing and potential customers attention, delivering a carefully designed web experience, to converting your potential prospects into regular and loyal customers, South Shore Design will work closely with you to help build your ideal web site that represents your brand.

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is the industry term used to describe the process of ensuring your website looks consistent across all types mobile phones, tablets like Apple’s IPad and desktop or laptop computers. It also ensures that your website looks appropriate and operates without error across web browsers like Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Microsoft’s Edge, and all other secondary internet web browsers. This is an area of the industry that is constantly changing – with current and future focus of search engine now focused on the mobile experience. With Google’s latest algorithm update, the focus is now on how your websites respond to the mobile user experience.

Web Design Client: Sublime K9

Sublime K9 Dog Training is widely known as Long Island's #1 Dog Trainer. We have built for Sublime K9 Dog Training  a robust website and revenue generating website that is optimized for both Google and Bing / Yahoo search engines.  During the time we have been the web design, seo and social media provider for Sublime K9 Dog Training they have achieve Page 1 Top 2 ranking on Google and Bing / Yahoo across multiple keywords / search terms.

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Web Design Client: Royal Kitchens & Baths

Royal Kitchens & Baths has been remodeling kitchens and bathrooms across Long Island since 2003. We have designed for them a website that not only brings out their expertise in the home remodeling space, but shows plenty of actual design and remodel porjects - they is not one stock photo used on their website. We have also implemented a Virtual 360 Online showroom for their website and also implemented VR / 360 technology on both Google Locations and Social Media Platforms. Google and Bing Yahoo optimized, they can be found on Page 1 Top 3 rankings of Google and Bing / Yahoo across multiple search terms / keywords.

manhattan web design agency
manhattan web design agency

Existing Web Site Design

Unfortunately, many business owners who are unhappy with their web site services fall into the following 3 categories:

  1. Their existing websites are “cookie-cutter” or “do-it-yourself” websites that fail to turn visitors into potential customers or rank well on search engines.
  2. They have lost administrative and/or creative control of their website due to lack of tactical and/or strategic planning.
  3. Their site has become large and unmanageable given the ever changing environment of search engines & social media
  4. They have tried other SEO companies and had an unpleasant experience.

At this Manhattan Web Design Agency we view your Web Site in the same manner as you do. Your companies website should be the focal point of the overall internet presence, which can / should include social media. If the site is designed appropriately in terms of content (pictures and text), products and has a robust social media strategy coupled along with it, the impact on your companies bottom line can be tremendous.

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New Web Site Design

New websites also face design challenges that can have a significant impact in how well the website performs overall, including Search Engine results. Understanding the needs & wants of your customer base is a key consideration, along with the existing competition that already has an established internet presence.

At South Shore Design, we have a proven model in place designed to:

  1. Design your ideal website quickly to your liking.
  2. Have it ranking on all search engines, including Google and Bing / Yahoo.
  3. Execute a social media platform to support your company and its website.
  4. Maintain the website to ensure it up to date with emerging technologies

You will see from our testimonials that at South Shore Design we go the extra mile in ensuring both new and existing website owners are satisfied with their site’s design and customers will want to purchase your products or services.

manhattan web design agency
manhattan web design agency

Website Builders

Automated website builders can very useful for business owners who want to get a website up and running fast with little effort. There are some limitations to website builders that you should consider when using this method to build your website:

  1. The costs for website builders are high compared to having your website hosted and maintained by a company like South Shore Design.
  2. The ability to perform advanced SEO coding & techniques can be severely limited, resulting in less than optimal search engine results.
  3. The appearance of a website across devices is usually dissimilar and requires additional files or an entire mobile version of a website.
  4. Google and Bing (and other search engines & directories) make change to their respective search algorithms that these website builders do not address.
  5. The templates provided by these companies do not accurately reflect the business objectives and products that companies offer.

At South Shore Design we create sustainable websites backed by verified and proprietary Search Engine Optimization techniques. Our websites are designed to be responsive across all platforms.

Web Site Platforms

At South Shore Design, our Manhattan Web Design Agency staff specializes in creating new and updating existing websites across multiple content management systems. If your looking for a website to represent your brand, company and product(s) in the appropriate manner, try South Shore Design. We have experienced designers onsite that can handle WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other major technologies that are used to design today’s top websites.

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